Wheee! Sounds like fun.

If you're headed for the latest version of Word (XP), XML would be the way 
to go. I would expect specs available at either StarOffice (Open Office) or 

There's also nice formatting with HTML.

Miles Thompson

At 12:43 PM 12/7/2001 -0500, [ rswfire ] wrote:
>Does anyone have any scripts or know a location to point me to where I can 
>dynamically create Microsoft Word documents using PHP.  I need to create 
>some nicely formatted forms.  I could do this as text, however, this 
>solution is not perfect because I don't know of an escape sequence for 
>creating a new page.  I cannot do this using PDF because it's not 
>installed on the servers I am using.  I could possibly do this in other 
>formats if you know of any solutions.  Thank you.
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