I've recently ugraded to apache-1.3.19-6  and pdflib-3.02-52  via SuSE 7.1.

An application which worked before has now a problem with pdf_set_font.

First, it didn't find pdflib.upr, which however were present in the font 
dirctory of pdflib. I've found in the doc that the location of this file, 
under linux, must be specified in the environment, otherwise the file must be 
in the current directory. OK.

Now, I get this error message:

Fatal error: Internal pdflib error: Unknown encoding '1' in 
/data/htdocs/aful/cartes/visite.php3 on line 88

I've also this error this the value 4.
Once again, it worked very welle before. 

What is the problem?

Thanks for helping!

Philippe Allart.

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