While not new to programming, I am new to PHP and to Linux, hence these
'getting started' questions.

I recently installed Red Hat Linux 6.2 and have discovered that it came
with PHP (3.0.15) already installed and configured.  I've written a
couple of [simple] forms handling routines and am getting more
comfortable with using PHP.

Looking around many of the PHP resource sites, I've seen a couple of
functions and applications that I think would be useful, both to add to
my web site and as a learning experience.  But, many of them require
MySQL.  No problem -- I think.

1. I'm presuming that GDBM isn't an alternative to MySQL.  Is this

2. I need to install MySQL.  The MySQL web site offers 3.23.46, but
there is mention of Linux kernel 2.2.14 having problems and recommending
upgrading to 2.2.19.  Shoot!  I think my system is 2.2.5.  So my next
question is -- will MySQL 3.23.46 run with the Linux level I have
installed or do I have to upgrade Linux first?

3. After installing MySQL, I then have to get it working with PHP.  In
at least one PHP documentation, I noticed that it said MySQL had to be
installed before PHP.  Third question - do I have to reinstall PHP?

4. If the answer to #3 is 'no' and I can use the existing PHP
installation, I now have question #4.  phpinfo() returns the
configuration information and I only see '--with-gdbm' and not
'--with-mysql' so I see that I need to update the PHP configuration.  I
scanned through the PHP Manual located at http://www.php.net/manual/en/
and I can't find how this is done.  (Please don't tell me that I have to
recompile PHP!)  Also, looking at php3.ini, I don't see anything that
looks like the '--with' stuff, though there are some MySQL parameters in
the file.  So my final question (for now) is how do I change/update the
PHP configuration.

Many thanks for any help offered.


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