Cheers all...

This mail got rather long, so here are my 3 questions in a short version:
1) What is GD? (fore use with imagecopyresampled function)
2) How can I run a function that will tell me what version of GD is
installed on my server, if any version at all?
3) Anyone know of some good hosts out there which has got all of this under
control? (basically people who has a clue about what they're doing)

The long version:
As many of us I am buying my hosting services and paying a monthly sum for
it. (sigh... yes) I am working on using a function to make thumbnails out of
uploaded images, and I see from the php manual that many of those have been
made already.

I can also read that ImageResample gives a much better result than
ImageResized. (ImageCopyResampled and ImageCopyResized maybe the names

I also see that I need something called GD to use the resampled function.
Well I tried searching the php site for some clue as to what GD is. I didn't
find much there (hard to search when the query is shorter than 3 letters).

So I was looking for a brief explenation as to what GD is.

Also: Could anyone point me in the direction of a function that would tell
me if my server has this GD thing installen and if it does: What version it
is running.

Just like PHP has its version info function...

Its so much easier than writing those damn hosting people and ask them. They
might not even know....

And on that subject: Anyone know of some really good hosts out there which
has got some clue as to how to set up a server properly and how to ... ehem
... fulfill every clients little needs :) ??

Lots of questions? heh. So I wrote a short version on the top.

- Torkil

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