PHP automatically calls the appropiate function instead if you.
But consider that the save handler is not called on individual 
session_register functions, only when all output is gone, and 
the whole session - each registered variable - must be saved.

Note: The "write" handler is not executed until after the output stream is closed. 
Thus, output from debugging statements in the "write" handler will never be seen in 
the browser. If debugging output is necessary, it is suggested that the debug output 
be written to a file instead. 

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Subject: [PHP] Session Help

| I am trying to set my session data to be stored in MySQL so I am using
| session_set_save_handler() which sets the six user-level session storage
| functions (which I have already defined).
| Will session_set_save_handler automatically run the appropiate storage
| function when required (like when i say session_register("Variable"))
| --OR-- do I specifically have to run that function
| (mysql_sessions_write(SID,$Value))  from my script when I want to save
| info to the session table?
| I would appreciate any scripts anyone might have that would illustrate
| how this works, the PHP manual and online examples I have found just are
| not cutting it.
| Thank you.  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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