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    Hi Zak,

    thanks for the mail, I was thinking about writing such a mail
    myself but was to tired I guess.

    Yep, the CVS note to the latest ext/domxml changes state it

        # Testers/patches/contribs welcome.

    The actual changelog can be found here [1].

    Also for anyone out there who has no idea about CVS: It won't
    help me anything filing bug reports against any released
    source code of PHP out there. Please use the HEAD branch when
    filing bug reports. See CVS instructions at
    http://www.php.net/anoncvs.php how to achive this.

    Although I don't expect a rush on this ;) I want to give out
    some simple rules for anyone helping us getting domxml more

        .) If you have a reproduceable crash with small
           self-containing script with no other external
           dependencies than loading a file ->

                don't forget to use the bug reporting system!

           Do not mail me privately about it!

           No, I'm not lazy or whatever but I wan't to broaden
           the audience reading about the bugs (two eyes see less
           than more eyes) and it also helps me keeping track of
           all the problems.

        .) If you have a reproduceable crash but can't create a
           small self-containing script, there are three options:

            1) still try to create one (prefered)

            2) Provide backtrace in your bug report
               ('bt full' command, not normal bt)

            3) give me access to your devel system
               (no, no joke. This has worked in the past, it can
               in the future) But no promises.

        .) Before reporting, try creating a testcase which is
           suiteable to run on the command line of PHP (read:
           with the CGI version).

           Apache is nice but it adds some extra work when
           handling the bugs I prefer the reproduceable scripts
           which use the CGI version for testing and don't
           contain any fancy <br /> tags but newlines and such
           instead. The find bug/fix it cycle is much faster
           without apache.

           Again, I'm not lazy, but I'm also using MSVC for
           debugging and although I'm not a windows fan I've seen
           myself being faster chasing down bugs with it then
           with gdb (doh!).

        .) Patches can go directly to me; but please also tell me
           why and what and give a testing script and not only
           send a diff to me.

           Of cousre, anyone with the proper karma is encouraged
           to fix it himself (you might want to check back if I'm
           not currently working on it).

        .) NEW FEATURES

           No, I do NOT plan to add now featuers. I'm just
           interesting in making the current version more stable
           but time doesn't permit to expand this scope.

           But you're still encouraged to use the bug report
           system to put your feature requests there or do it

    What I wrote done seems normal to me and I do not explicetely
    prefer this for domxml but anything else too. Saves mit quite
    lot of time.

On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 08:19:47PM -0700, Zak Greant wrote : 
> Marcus Fischer has made [...]

    Yo, and its still MarKKKKKKKus ;-)

    - Markus

[1] http://cvs.php.net/cvs.php/php4/ext/domxml/php_domxml.c

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