You could simply execute a second query where score > $score and return the
number of rows in the result + 1.

For instance:

$return = mysql_query("select ID, Name, Score, COUNT(Name) as total from
members where ID = '$ID'");
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($return);
extract ($row);
$return = mysql_query("select * from members where Score > '$Score'");
$rank = mysql_num_rows($return) + 1;
echo "$Name is ranked $rank of  $total";


Andrew Brampton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
This isn't a php question, more of a SQL question, but I don't know any
where better to send it, and I guess its trival enough for someone here to

Anyway, I have a list of members each with a score field. How can I say that
Member 3 is ranked 10 out of 100 members for example.

Here is the layout of the members table:
ID, Name, Score

I can get the total count of members in the table, but I don't know how to
determine what rank they are, unless I return all the rows in the table
(sorted), and cycle through them until I find the member I want, counting
how many people are above him... This method would work, but would be slow
(and wastful), is there a better way to determine his position with a SQL

Thanks in advance

If it matters I'm using MySQL & PHP 4.0.6 on WinXP under Apache 1.3.22

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