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> > I'm wondering if anyone has any information about how to get the
> > proximity data for postcodes in Australia? Or is it safe to assume
> > that if a postcode is, say, 3107, that 3120 or 3110 (for example)
> > are nearby as well as 3108 (so, perhaps, 10 above and 10 below could
> > be safely assumed to be "nearby"?)
>   Don't even bother trying that for Sydney. There's a border around
> Sydney where the Eastern suburbs are 21xx and the Western ones are 27xx.
> example 2148 and 2767 are next to each other.

A search at google.com for australia list "postal code" got me
from which you can download the full dbase in .csv format...
it gives you town/suburb info which could probably be sufficient.

Alternatively, take a look at
which provides exactly what you are looking for as a
monthly-fee service (no prices listed, give them a call).

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