You probably need to set the path to your PHP binary in crontab.

Alternatively (this is probs a better way), wrap the whole lot up in a simple 
shell script and get cron to run the shell script.

It's easier than it sounds...

cd /path/to/php/scripts
php < myscript.php > /dev/null

(also, I tend not to have PHP direct output to /dev/null, but to configure 
cron not to send emails on completion - that way you get the info when you 
run the script on the command line but dont get overrun with pointless emails)

Hope that helps :)


On Monday 10 Dec 2001 5:54 pm, Jay Paulson wrote:
> I'm trying to test php running as a cron job and I have installed php as a
> CGI in /usr/local/bin and I have edited my crontab file to call a php file
> every two minutes.  However, it's not working and I was wondering if you
> all would know what's going on.  Anyway, here's how I have things set up.
> crontab file:
> */2 * * * * php /home/crontest.php > /dev/null
> crontest.php:
> #!/usr/local/bin/php -q
> <?php
> mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]","cron test", "testing",NULL);
> ?>
> email I'm receiving with error:
> Subject: Cron <> php /home/crontest.php > /dev/null
> Body: /bin/sh: php: command not found
> thanks for any help.

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