(just in case any of the people on PEAR-DEV will read this at all,
since everyone must be tired of the template class debates :-)  )

i just wanted to say what i had to write, because i didnt see any of
the existing template classes/engines provide me with that

the main features are:
# compiling template class which (almost) only replaces '{' by <?php
and '}' by ?>, with pre and post filters
# uses indention to create the '{' and '}' for php-code inside the
template, so clean code is a requirement and no closing tags like:
{/if} are needed
# leaves all the power of php to you, not only the functionality the
template engine implements
# nothing to learn, just use '{' and '}' instead of the php-tags in
your template and indent your code properly
# the seperation of source and representation is all up to the
programmer (either this is good or bad)
# provides some default filter

a possible template
    {foreach($disadvantages as $aDisadvantage)}
    no disadvantages registered yet :-)

the compiled code is nothing more than this
<?php if(sizeof($disadvantages)) { ?>
    <?php foreach($disadvantages as $aDisadvantage) { ?>
<?php }  }  else { ?>
    no disadvantages registered yet :-)
<?php }  ?>
so you can see - easy to use, nothing to learn and should be fast :-)

feel free to have a look at

PS: BTW what was the decision on a multiple classes in PEAR
which do the same thing?


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