Yes, you are out of luck without Freetype.  You need to install Freetype, 
then build GD against that and then finally build PHP against that 
Freetype-enabled GD.  

As for your second question, the ImageTTFText() function takes the TTF 
font filename as an argument.  See


On Thu, 6 Dec 2001 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Hello and thanks for your time. 
>  After endless searching, I am still lost
> let's just assume I can't install freetype, and it looks like that for 
> matters I won't get into. (linux, raq 3) 
> What solution would allow me to specify fonts for text written into images? 
> Instead of using the default font, imagine I want to use "helvetica". Am I 
> out of luck without freetype? And if somehow I get freetype installed does 
> php allow the method to name the font such as "Arial" and if so, which file 
> do I edit so by default I can specify the font so the text written to the 
> image looks as I intended? Thanks. I searched and couldn't find answer to 
> both q's, esp. the first. 
> Joel

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