How about wrapping the "@file(...);" in an "if(file_exists(...)) {...}"

Doesn't seem to give an error at all , even without the @. I've tested this
on non-existant domain names and with my firewall internet connection

Tim <> 

        From:  Joseph Fung [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
        Sent:  11 December 2001 00:17
        To:  PHP General Mailing List
        Subject:  @file problems w/ remote files


        This is regarding the same problem that Jeff posted earlier (yes,
the exast
        same problem - I'm working with him).  He seems to have given some
of you
        the wrong impression about the problem - he is not ignoring your
posts, it's
        just that the posts aren't helping the problem ;)

        The problem is that the @ isn't suppressing the warnings properly.
Our code
        is currently trying to pull the results of a script off a server -
and if it
        can't, it uses the most current copy stored locally.  The problem,
is that
        while we are expecting the @ to suppress the warnings (and thereby
        us continue on to use file() on the local copy), it is instead
allowing file
        to spit out a warning which kills the script.

        We are currently getting a errornum of 2, and it's spitting out
        fopen(<filename>) - Success which is exceedingly annoying.

        What would be perfect, is if someone knows of an alternate way to
download a
        file from a server - if that failed, set a flag and continue
        rather than simply erroring out.

        Thanks for any help - sorry for the miscommunication earlier.


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