I open a socket if I am in the middle of a php script to branch to a
page so that I can send the header information.  However, I understand
that this is not how most php programmers do it.  Could someone share
with me the way it is done with php?

In more detail, this is how I structure a page:

1) The Form calls itself - the same page.

2) At the top of the page, I do my validation and I may check to see if
a "Cancel" button was pressed.

3) Depending on the circumstances, I branch to another page.

  /* Example: was the Cancel button pressed?
     If so, branch to redirect page */
  if (!empty($cancel)) {
    $http = new http;
    $fp = $http->http_fget($server, $path .
    if($fp) {
      print '<BASE HREF="' . $url .

Many thanks.....


Todd Cary
Ariste Software

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