We have the developer suite at my work, and as far as I know, the 
Optimizer, Debug Server, Encoder, etc. don't work with 4.1.0 at all. When 
you try using the Optimizer, for instance, it spits out a line in your 
Apache log (or whatever log) saying that "this version of the Optimizer is 
for Zend Engine blah blah, go to Zend.com to upgrade", or something to that 

Hopefully when you buy the suite you get access to updated versions of the 
software that are compatible with 4.1.0, otherwise, it's going to suck for 
us, since we use some of the new features in 4.1.0 in the app we're 
writing. It would seem like a waste of money in our case, as we're dropping 
4.0.6, and that's all the Developer Suite we have covers at the moment. We 
used to use 4.0.6 on an older version of this thing we're developing, but 
there were enough nicities in 4.1.0 that I decided to start using the dev 
versions and RCs for 4.0.7/4.1.0, just so we'd be up-to-date when 4.1.0 
actually came out.


Mike Eheler wrote:

> Does anyone here subscribe to the Zend developer's suite? We have the
> optimizer and debugger installed with a 4.0.5 installation and are
> looking into upgrading to 4.1.0 but being a production machine, we don't
> want to do anything that would jeopardize the stability of the machine.
> Has anyone here had experience using PHP 4.1 with the optimizer and
> debugger?
> Mike

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