I was a bit surprised by it when I posted to the newsgroup earlier, but 
I think it's a great idea.


Jim Winstead wrote:

> as some of you may have noticed over the last few days, a new method of
> spam protection has been implemented on lists.php.net.
> if you post to one of the lists.php.net lists (via mail or the news
> server at news.php.net) from a mail address that is not subscribed to
> the mailing list, you will receive an email with information on how to
> confirm that you are a real person trying to send mail to the list, and
> not just some drive-by spammer. once you have responded to the
> confirmation, your original message to the list will be let through to
> the list, and your email address will be stored as one that is allowed
> to post so that future postings from you to any of the lists.php.net
> lists will be passed through without requiring confirmation.
> note that this means it is no longer possible to post to the list using
> an invalid smtp sender (or using an invalid email address in the 'From'
> header of a post via the news server).
> if you encounter problems posting to the list, feel free to drop a note
> to the list administrators at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> jim

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