The php readme / changelog noted that they worked with
m$ and have made great improvements in the speed of
php on windows.  Now I find this to be a very generic
explanation and not very helpful.

Does this mean:

a) Its efficiency and speed was improved on running on


b) Its efficiency and speed was improved on running on

To often (especially when dealing directly with m$),
IIS means windows.  People tend to forget there are
plenty of win32 apache ppl running php.  (If you don't
believe, try finding documentation on php/apache
win32.  There is next to none.  Its all *nix / apache
or windows / IIS).

So my question comes down to:  Was the speed greatly
increased on my win32 apache server (as implied since
great improvements were made on WINDOWS (didn't
mention IIS) OR does once again windows mean IIS?

Hopefully i can get a definitive answer on this and
not speculation :).



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