I'm not sure what to make of this? Is it spam? Is it an acclaim? What is it?


Richard Lynch wrote:

> As you may know, I run a tiny record label "No Genre" in Chicago.
> Ulele's "Seed" CD released last week on "No Genre" has been selected as 
> a Featured CD on the FRONT PAGE of http://cdbaby.com/
> This is a HUGE DEAL in the independent music world!
> CDBaby is the 2nd-largest on-line retailer of music CDs, only behind 
> Amazon.com, and gets God knows how much traffic.
> Since 1996 when he started it to sell his own CDs and a few bands he was 
> friends with CDBaby has built up to:
> o  11,810 artists sell their CD at CD Baby.
> o  149,538 CDs sold online to customers.
> o  $903,821.30 paid to artists.
> They get about 40 CDs *every* day, so it's a pretty big honor.
> Oh, did I mention this site and the "admin" site at http://cdbaby.net"; 
> and the "community" site at http://cdbaby.org are all *ENTIRELY* 
> PHP-based, and written by a musician who isn't really a programmer?  He 
> picked PHP as the only language that didn't scare him away.
> Anyway, if you like music or just want to see how slick a PHP site from 
> a non-programmer can be, check out his sites.
> http://cdbaby.com/ulele/

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