Let's not forget MyAccess, a plugin for Access that lets you manage 
MySQL databases from within the familiar Access interface.

This is the best solution for someone moving from Access to MySQL.


Dave Brotherstone wrote:

> MySQL is a DBMS, SQL is a language.  MySQL has an implementation of SQL, as
> does Access.  All (most) SQL implementations are common for the simple
> things (select * from tablename), but differ when things get more complex
> (is about as broad an answer I could give!).
> Web based access database is fine depending on how many users/transactions
> you've got.  MySQL is easier to plug into PHP (it supports it directly),
> Access you need to use the ODBC stuff (but it can be done).  Learning MySQL
> is probably a good thing - learning SQL is definately a good thing ;-)
> Hope this helps,
> Dave.
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>>Sent: 12 December 2001 10:44
>>Subject: [PHP] Newbie-student Database PHP Question
>>I have downloaded Mysql to check out.
>>1) Mysql vs SQL: What is the difference?
>>2} Would a web-based Access database suffice with PHP?
>>As I already know Access.
>>Appreciate clarification for my newbie questions, thank you.
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