Hello there,

I need to write all of the href="" contents into an array. Presently I use the
following code, which works like charm:
<.CODE>preg_match('!HREF=[\"\' ]{0,}([^\"\'>]*)[\"\'>]!i', $Content,

That, however, doesn't support Frames so I would need to make the script match
"HREF" or "SRC". I tried the following code, but it doesn't want to support
frames and ceases to support usual HREF's as well.
<.CODE>preg_match('!(HREF|SRC)=[\"\' ]{0,}([^\"\'>]*)[\"\'>]!i', $Content,

In other words I replace <.CODE>HREF<./CODE> with <.CODE>(HREF|SRC)<./CODE>.

Any ideas how to make the script support both?

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