hello all,
       I have designed a web page using php, as a security measure I have
 kept it password protected. I have used Apache authentication, using
 htpasswd file. Now I want to keep a logout in this web page, I tried to
 send a header request "http/1.0 401 Unauthorized" to force it to
 reauthenticate when the logout link is clicked in the form, but this dose
 not work.

 I tried using session_destroy() even that does not work.

 To get the authenticated users name I have used GetEnv("REMOTE_USER") in
 all the form and with that username I'am handling mysql and other requests.
 I don't know where exactly the REMOTE_USER gets stored. 

 So please help me out in this problem. I want to remove the
 window's authentication cache.

 Please give me some ideas and suggestion to remove the user name and make
 the page fresh for the other user to log in.

 If possible please send me a sample script.

Nilgiri Networks

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