Apologies if this is more of an Apache question than a php one, but as it's about the 
between them, I thought it was safe to bring it up here ;)

While investigating a possible performance issue, I discovered that (according to 
microtime()), my
script runs 5 times faster for a local client i.e. telnet GET from the web host 
itself.  I had
expected that although the local GET would obviously be much faster than anything else 
overall, the
php execution as reported by microtime() would be similar for any kind of client.  I 
had mistakenly
thought that Apache would handle buffering to the client, leaving php to get on with 
the rest of its

It seems that when php flushes its output buffer it has to wait for Apache to actually 
send it to
the browser client before the flush returns.

Any thoughts/observations?


For the record the environment is : 


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