I would like to take a few bytes text to give a 
little thanks to the PHP team. 

I have been writing a book on PHP for the last 8 months. I 
thought I knew PHP inside and out, having done quite a bit
of work with PHP. I have even had the pleasure of adding on
a few libraries for a customized version of PHP in one project,
it required a few libraries developed internally to have
native PHP function calls. (It was either modify PHP source
or make COM wrappers and use ASP. PHP saved the day)

I have gained a true appreciation for the legible and easy
to follow source of PHP. Whenever I have had a question I could
look at the source, the source is never wrong :)

Spending the last 8 months married to my book and PHP I have
learned more than I thought there was for me to learn about
programming in general and PHP specifically. The result is 
that I have come to like PHP more and more. I have developed 
largish applications in ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, and PHP. PHP 
still wins hands down for most of my needs. 

So, Thanks to anyone who has ever contributed a single line 
of code to PHP publicly. Your contributions have made such a 
wonderful web application development platform possible. 


Jeremy Allen

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