You can create a hidden form variable with the value of user to pass with
the rest of the post data, or (preferably) you can use:

or, even better,


Jack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Dear all
> I had a Form Called Login.php, this form will pass the login Username to
> Main.php.
> For the Main.php i create a form for user to choose what they want to do
> from the List/Menu. Once they had select the choose and press the Option,
> the value of the Selected choose will pass back to Main.php to perform
> task.
> The step is when Login.php had submitted , the Username ($user) is passed
> Main.php, so in Main.php i had a script
> <?
> print ("Hello!$user");
> ?>
> and the below i had a  List Select Menu which let user to Choose what they
> want to do. Once they selected , press the Submit button, the form will
> back to itself! which is "Post=$php_self"". here the problem appear, once
> post back the value to itself, the $user will be gone, which i understand
> why, but is there anyway that once the $user had passed to main.php, the
> $user's variable will be hold constant in main.php?
> I really waiting for your help!
> Jack

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