When I use those PHP function, 1) "exec()", 2) "passthru()" and 3)
"system()", they don't work. I suspect that I would need to enter the
Environment Variable so I did the "putenv()" for the PATH, BASH, etc. But
still does not work. Check file Permission and so on. (Can't use fopen() to
create a file due to permission error).

What am I missing here?



"Scott Fletcher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi!
>     I wanted to know if there is a PHP code or function that would allow
> PHP to issue the UNIX command.
>     What I'm doing here is I'm trying to tell PHP to create a file by
> issuing hte UNIX command then I can use the PHP to open the file to enter
> the data.  Once I'm done with the file, I can use the UNIX to run the
> in the file to communicate with the modem by executing the file.  When I'm
> done then I can open an another file to grab the data that had be received
> by the modem and do the PHP things to do something with hte data.  When
> done, then I can use the PHP to tell UNIX to delete the file and Voila!
> Thanks,
>  Scott

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