(Now that I have your attention... :-)

Here's the situation: All the navigational buttons in the site I'm 
working on have three different states (for mousovers--normal, 
mouseover, onClick). What I don't like: When I mouse over one button, it 
takes a second or two for the page to fetch the mouseover state of the 
button from the server. Now, normally, I would just write a 
preloadimages() function in JavaScript and preload all the button states 
when the pages load. BUT, this is a little harder, since this is a 
fairly big site (or will be) and it's not always the same buttons that 
need to be loaded; they can change from page to page (say, between 
sections, with subnav bars). That being said, I've kept one thing 
simple: All the buttons (and their states) are stored in the same 
directory, and in fact only button images are in that directory ("/nav").

So here's what I would like to know: Is it possible for PHP to read the 
contents of a directory--all the files--and then take that array and 
generate some javascript preload() statements? (Of course, I'm sure it 
IS possible, but I would appreciate any pointers you might have before I 
undertake it. Maybe there's even a better way than what I can see!) What 
I was thinking was to preload all the nav buttons and their states in 
the header.inc.



René Fournier

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