I'm trying to update a report generator I have, using php and mysql.
The setup is essentially listing employees and production data.

What I did when I created it was for the column headers, made them links
to requery the database..sample link follows (inside an anchor tag):
"reports.php?userid=<?php echo $userid; ?>&date_start=<?php echo
$date_start; ?>&date_end=<?php echo $date_end;
?>&orderby=trans_per_req%20desc&groupby=<?php echo $groupby;
?>&type=other&daterange=<?php echo $daterange; ?>"

As you can see that is very ugly, and inefficient.

I was thinking that one way to get around passing so many parameters was
after the initial query, have that inserted into a temporary table.  Then
all that would need to be passed with the query string would be an ORDER BY
clause, at which time I would do a SELECT * FROM TEMP_TABLE ORDER BY

One thing im not sure about, is if temporary tables are unique to each user.
That is to say if two people were running reports at the same time with
parameters, would that work?  If so, how long before the connection dies?
it is at the end of script execution, that wouldn't be much help.

Does anyone have any better ideas as well?  I thought about using a
array, but was told that that would be a bad idea to keep a large array
in memory.



(hope this makes some sense)

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