If there are no other virtual hosts on your box, you could leave Apache as is 
(unrecognised hostnames will go to the default site), and do the dynamic 
processing in PHP using the $REQUEST_URI variable...

as for the crazy-page.php thing, you could set up a custom error handler page 
that points at your dynamic page...

Hope that helps...


On Thursday 13 Dec 2001 7:56 pm, Jon Shoberg wrote:
> Any ideas on how to pull this off.
>     I would like to have http://mydomain.com and http://www.mydomain.com
> resolve to my /index.html page.  When a user types in
> http://crazy.mydomain.com or http://crazy.mydomain.com/crazy-page.php, I
> would like to have it resolve to /home/mydomain/public_html/handler.php
> where I can trap for the subdomain/URI and perform dynamic processing on
> those values.
>     I presume it would have to be a process though mod_rewrite and
> .htaccess?  Is this able to be done.  I've gone though quite a bit yet
> unable to get it working as described.
> Any ideas?
> Jon

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