Hello friends,
Here's the question that's bugging me, explanations are under the
--------- line.

How do you
1)Sort files in a directory by date and print/echo into an html format
(and the latest article is.....)
2)Fastest way to list files by "<title>Page name</title>"

Say you have a directory that you want to sort by date/size/whatever/
What do you think would be the best way to do it?
MYSQL/or other DB?
string comparison?
other ideas?

My sysadmin insists on database implementation- however, i have a
variety of clients that are scared of databases , or are simply
content with the provider they have, that doesn't offer DB (yes, there
are those still!)
What do you think would be the fastest and easiest way to
This is close to the famous "resource grabber" script, but not quite-
we are talking about the basic principles of {parsing a document for
certain info and echo/printing it out into html.
To keep the long question short-
I, must confess that i have little experience with PHP-programming-
the wonderful implementation of php-MySQL and ZEND makes it too easy
for me to put everything into a database and  forget the whole thing.

I believe that this matter is paramount because what we're dealing
with is the most fundamental and practicall execution of a "site
engine"/ "content management system"- i.e . the best and fastest code
for sorting a directory by "<title>sort by html name </title>"
or "sort by date"
It is easily executed by XML or (RDF, etc)but, the question remains
-what do you think is the best way to execute the sorting by PHP's
sorting abilities?
As far as i know, there is no title sorting in php, as opposed to
Am i wrong?


Best regards,
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