Are you trying to let the user download the file? if so, can try something like this


/*Do your login checks here*/    

    define(\'FILEDIR\', \'/yourdirectory/filesfordownloads/\'); 
    $path = FILEDIR . $file; 
        print \"File does not exist!\";
        //header(\"Location: error.php\"); 
   //force download dialog 
    header(\"Content-type: application/octet-stream\\n\"); 
    header(\"Content-disposition: attachment; filename=\\\"$file\\\"\\n\"); 
    header(\"Content-transfer-encoding: binary\\n\"); 
    header(\"Content-length: \" . filesize($path) . \"\\n\"); 

    //send file contents 
    $fp=fopen($path, \"r\"); 

>If one creates a file outside the web space on a server. >How doe\'s one connect to 
>this from a HTML or PHP page? 
>As I understand it. It is not as simple as normal html >link. 

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