I developed a pretty cool website whose content is entirely
specified in XML, and use PHP DOM to convert it to HTML (XSL would be
a bit painful).

        Now, with PHP 4.0.6 and libxml2-2.4.7, everything worked fine,
except that there was a huge memory leak somewhere in the PHP or the
XML DOM code in PHP, and after viewing the website for about 10 minutes,
my SuSE linux machine would hang, and my FreeBSD apache server would
need to be restarted.

        So, I tried upgrading to Apache 4.1.0 with libxml2-2.4.12.

        Unfortunately, a lot doesn't work any more -- when I load in my
XML file, I can load it in using xmldocfile(), and I can iterate over
the nodes, but none of them have the name property any more.

        Is there a combination of PHP 4.x and libxml2-2.y that is
known to work reasonably well and not leak memory like mad?




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