Can I do this? Can someone help please?

I have a mess of variables I HTML from a couple of different
scripts, so I combined them into ""

And now, I do this:

          $news = mysql_query('select * from ccl where ... blah blah ...
order by AU asc');

          while ($data = mysql_fetch_object($news))
          include "";

Of course my $data->variables I now call in *.inc do not work. ...
So how do I make "$data->AU" find it's original value using that *.inc?

---This is my file:
<? php
content of
global $personne->AU; #dedfinitely does not work
I have read the FAQ.

  if($data->AU != ""){echo"<tr><td><b>&lt;<a

  if($data->ST != ""){echo"<tr><td><b>&lt;<a

  if($data->SD != ""){echo"<tr><td><b>&lt;<a

  if($personne->SC != ""){echo"<tr><td><b>&lt;<a


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