Hi all,

I am trying to findout what is wrong with this script
can anyone help?

$dbconn = pg_connect ("cnnection string")
 or die ( "Error: ".pg_errormessage
($dbconn)) ;
        pg_exec ($dbconn, "begin") ;
        $oid = pg_locreate ($dbconn) ;
        $fd = pg_loopen ($dbconn, $oid, "w") ;
        pg_lowrite ( $fd, $img ) ;
        pg_loclose ( $fd ) ;
        $strqry = "INSERT INTO tblImg ( myname, mytype,
myimg, myfilesize ) VALUES ( '$img_name', '$img_type',
'$oid', $img_size )";
        $result = pg_exec ( $dbconn, $strqry ) ;
        pg_exec ($dbconn, "commit") ;
        pg_exec ($dbconn, "end") ;

The output that I am getting is this


by pg_loreadall function. 


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