I have need to get php to use postgres to store session information. 
I've changed the directive in php.ini and written a set of functions 
that should do the job and I've made the call to set the session 
handler. The following simple test case works:


require_once ('database.php');
require_once ('sess_handler.php');

//session_start ();

session_register ('asdf');

$asdf = 123;

print $asdf;


the idea being that the line where $asdf is assigned is commented out in 
the second execution of it and the value is still there upon reloading.

That works fine. But, when I try to use it with the code for which it 
was originally intended I get this error:

*Fatal error*: Failed to initialize session module in 
*/usr/local/apache/vhosts/600xl/httpdocs/fe_login.php* on line *44*

Keep in mind that this is all code which worked perfectly with the bulit 
in session handler before. Any ideas?



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