Recently, I have found that I have had a problem sending emails with
particular accounts on my RedHat Linux 6.2 server using Sendmail-8.9.3.

There are two examples of my inability to send email and I think they
are related.

I have a PHP script used to send email and the user rights of the file
containing the PHP script belong to a user called "webuser" (same as the
user of my Apache server).

When I use the script to send email, I noticed that the email was not
sent and when I checked the "mail" logs, I found the following:

Dec 17 12:59:16 ns sendmail[14686]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(webuser): queuename:
Cannot create "qfMAA14686" in "/var/spool/mqueue"

When I telnet into the machine, log on as "webuser" and try to use Pine
to send email , I noticed the following error occurs.

[Mail not sent. Sending error: 451 queuename: Cannot create "qfQAA15157]

However I was able to resolve the problem in Pine by setting the
"mail.visors.com.hk" as my outgoing mail server.  Something that I never
had to do before yet still successful in sending out email.

The same thing happened to another account also, but these accounts were
just find previously.

I have been reported to have had a recent telnet attack , but I am not
sure if this could be the cause of it.

Most grateful if someone can shed some light on this for me?



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