Hello php-general,

I can print directly from the server, but from the script page I get "Warning: 
couldn't allocate the printerjob in <code line whatever>. I'm using php version 4.06 
on Win2000 Advanced Server. Code sample...
$DATA = array("Test Header", "Test Page"); 
//dump list of local printers know to machine 
foreach($PRINTERS as $key=>$val) { 
                  foreach($val as $sub_key=>$value) {
                               echo $sub_key.": ".$value."<br>";
// do the actual printing work 
$printer = "\\\\<net node>\\<printer>";
echo "printer: ".$printer."<br>"; 
$handle = printer_open($printer); 
foreach($DATA as $val) { 
              printer_write($handle, $val);
              echo $val."<br>";

Best regards,
 Michael                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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