It depends on how you have magic quotes set up in your php.ini file.  Mine
are set up as follows:
magic_quotes_gpc On On
magic_quotes_runtime Off Off
which I believe is the default, because I certainly never changed them.

I have never had a problem simply inserting or selecting html without the
need for using any of the escape functions.  In other words, I do it just
like I would any other data and it works well.


Steve Osborne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
000f01c18753$e8d086e0$[EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:000f01c18753$e8d086e0$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> Does anyone know of an easy way to store html code in a mysql database,
> then retreive it, in such a way that it can display the page as if it were
> standard html page?  Would using php be of benefit to me?
> Steve Osborne
> <?php
> /* Happy Holidays */
> mysql_select_db('North_Pole');
> mysql_query('SELECT reindeer FROM stable WHERE nose_color="red"');
> ?>*
> *(borrowed from Paul)

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