2k is alot of data to be sending using GET or POST, just leave it on the
server in a session variable.

redirect server 2000 bytes -> client
GET client 2000 bytes -> server

or via sessions

redirect server 50 bytes -> client
GET client 50 bytes -> server


  Chris Lee

"Jim Lucas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
001b01c18363$cd008990$[EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:001b01c18363$cd008990$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> is it possible to use header() to redirect and have it act as a post
> I know about this method
>     header("Location: http://www.yahoo.com/?variable=value";);
> but this is the GET method
> I don't want to have to know every single (variable|value) combination
> will be sent to a page
> Sadly though, GET has a size limit on the amount of data you can send
> throught the URL, 2kb.  I want to be able to send larger amounts with a
> header() redirect.
> Any ideas on how to send the data in a POST with header(); woud be
> appreciated.
> Thanks Jim Lucas

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