need more info buddy. does this query work at the mysql command prompt? show
us an example, show us 10 records and accual query being exec and what the
returned result is and what you think it should be.


  Chris Lee

"Fk ?s" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message

i still need help with this query:

$t = 7;
$shot_counts = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM statistik WHERE
shooter='$shooter_login' AND (shot_one = '$t' OR shot_two = '$t' OR
shot_three = '$t' OR shot_four = '$t' OR shot_five = '$t')";

It doesnt return the correct count. I have tried to tweak the syntax
around, excluding one or more columns to count etc. But it still gives the
wrong count. Whats wrong?

- Daniel

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