if you have lots of links, then doing it this way, IMO, would be
easier/better - so:
 function windowPopup(xx) { window.open("info.php?patch="+xx, "_new",
"windowattribs"); }

but if there's only a few links, then placing the window.open code in the
link would be easiest, i think.

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Subject: [PHP] JavaScript & php question - mainly JS though so slightly
OT but hep needed!!! :o)

How could I write the function windowPopup(XX) where XX is a variable that
can change from link to link, for a popup info window to load a php file
with the variable XX in the url?

So the link would look like:
<a href="javascript:windowPopup(XX);">Link Text</a>

and I want that link to open the page info.php?patch=XX in a new popup

Do I do it something like this, or is there a faster/better way??

Cheers & Merry X-Mas!


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