Jani Taskinen wrote:

> background information:
> http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?edit=1&id=11008
> http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?edit=1&id=14574
> exit() function is broken. Fixing the broken behaviour is the
> only real solution, IMO.

Since some people prefer to keep current behavior (for a while?)

How about just keep current behavior until ZE2? (PHP 5?)
ZE2 will break some ZE1 behavior, I suppose.
Making exit() to return "return code" is nice and would be
OK for ZE2. IMHO.

We really need to consider removing/changing legacy feature &
behavior at some point...

Error Level and Message handling in current source is one other
thing I would like to change :)
Do you want consistent error levels, error id, localized error
messges? I guess lots of you do ;)

> One solution:
> - When passed argument is string: print out this string
> - When passed argument is integer: Don't print it, use it as exit-status
> This is what is the expected behaviour is and I really can't think
> of any good examples where this would fail. Nobody ever gave any.
> And to get the REAL users (not only Zeev's opinion) I'm sending
> this also to php-general.
> From manual:
> "The exit() function terminates execution of the script. It prints
> status just before exiting. If status is an integer, that value will be
> used as exit-status."
> This can be understood in many ways. If the status is integer,
> it is used as exit-status..but it's not clear that it's ALSO printed out
> which is simply buggy behaviour.

> Now, if general concencus amongs the users of PHP is that it should
> also print out the exit-status when it's an integer then 'shell_exit()'
> function should be added.
> --Jani

I agree. It's possilbe do this now, w/o much BC problem.

die()/exit() is identical in ZE1. How about make them separate?

If type is integer, die() for print and return exit code and exit()
for only return "return code".

Yasuo Ohgaki

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