> Okay here is the situation. I am reading a file using fgets up until I hit
a certain delimiter within the text. No problem there. This text file may or
may not
> contain php in the format <? blah ?>. So I now have two variables $header
and $footer which may or may not contain some php within them. I need to
> the variables at the top and bottom of other files but need any php that
may be in there to execute.
>  I tried echo(eval($header))
> and I also tried
> $header = addslashes($header);
> eval("\$header = \"$header\";");
> $header= stripslashes($header);
> echo($header);
> The first produces and error, the second produces no error however only
variables evaluate while actual commands, such as echo just get written into
> code.
> Any idea  what I may be doing wrong here?

Try this, it's from a template parsing function I wrote:

$header = str_replace("\\'","'",addslashes($header));
eval("\$header = \"$header\";");


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