Hmm... can you point out to them that there's a similarity between using 
an external style sheet and using header/footer includes?  And that as a 
coder, it would be your responsibility to maintain these include files, 
not theirs?  Personally, I think .css external style sheets are 
awesome -- there's no reason I can see that they couldn't continue to 
use them.  You don't need control over the .css file, and it would be 
easy for you to do

echo "$stylesheet"

in the include header, which gives them control over the contents of the 
<style> tag (obviously they have to know how to use

$stylesheet = "<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" 
href="stylesheet.css" />" ;

and put this before the include() call).  Using this technique, they 
don't even have to limit themselves to a single external style sheet or 
even external style sheets at all -- they could make it a document-level 
style sheet.

This way you each can reach a compromise about control.  Just a 


On Tuesday, December 18, 2001, at 04:53  PM, Mike Eheler wrote:

> They sound like good ideas, with one quisp.. the sites are currently 
> being designed in *shudder* Dreamweaver.
> They absolutely refuse to chop files up into header/footer includes, 
> and they want to be able to do all their colour customisation through 
> their beloved .css files.
> Mike

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