I've been using them for months without any major problems. (There was a 
slight bug in socket_select() that caused some undesireable behaviour, as 
it wouldn't allow for indefinite blocking, but I submitted some patches and 
it was eventually fixed.)

I have a search engine running that was built using these functions and it 
works fine, either on a TCP socket or locally on a UNIX domain socket. I 
don't know how well it works on Windows (I doubt the UNIX sockets would 
work, 'cause Windows uses named pipes or something like that rather than 
true UDS) but the TCP stuff probably works.


David wrote:

>  Hi, just wondering if anyone have tried the socket functions in php
>  http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.sockets.php
> does it work on win32(apache)? i tried the simple TCP/IP example on that
> page but it does\'nt work for me. I\'m using 4.1.0 and enabled that
> entension already.

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