// destroy the session
 $p = session_get_cookie_params();
// destory the cookie
 setcookie(session_name(), '' , 0, $p['path'], $p['domain']);

// redirect without the SID for trans-sid users
 header("Location: http://$SERVER_NAME";);

works for me. yes its stupid, but a session has to be started beore it can
be destroyed.


  Chris Lee

"Olivier Masudi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> In my online store i use session.
> I use a script to check that a user dont make 2 order during the same
> session using the back button for that i put his sessionid in the db and
> check it before processing the order.
> My probleme is how can i give a new session_id to the person when he goes
> back to the home page of my site so he can do a new order ?
> I try session_destroy , session_unset
> but the person have still the same session_id
> I always use the same string into session_name("abcdef") for all the user.
> Is it a problem?
> Thanks for your help

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