Shoot.. it didn't attach.

That's probably a good thing.

I'll put together a diff patch and put it somewhere for download.


Mike Eheler wrote:

> Attached is a text file that will update Quanta IDE 2.0.1 syntax 
> highlighting for PHP.
> Simply use your favourite text edit quanta/kwrite/highlight.cpp in your 
> quanta-2.0.1 source tree, and paste the text from this attached file 
> overtop of the phpKeywords and phpTypes variables.
> If anyone knows how I can make a real patch (diff or whatever) lemme 
> know cuz I've never done it before.
> Also if you notice anything that shouldn't be a keyword, or is missing 
> from either keywords or functions (currently there are 2499 functions 
> defined in this file) let me know.
> Mike

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