Dear Friend,
If I were you, I would take my biz elsewhere.  BTW, which company is that?
Anyway, I will recommend you to use the phpMyAdmin.  It's a mysql database management 
tool written in PHP, free of charge of course, that lets you manage your database.  
One of the cool things it that it dumps your database into a flat file with table 
creation and INSERT commands, so that in case you need to restore you databases, you 
just run the sql.
I hope this helps.
  "Thomas Edison Jr." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Hi,

I'm having a touch situation on my hands. Last week
one of my site was shut down in what the Hosting
Company claimed to be a Policy Violation. However, it
was found out later that it wasn't so and they had to
re-host my site.

Unfortunately, they erased my mySQL database with my
account and we lost all our very important Data in the
tables there. It's horrible.

We're beggining again but i'm not scared about the
Data. The data is posted online by users. I need to
have a way to backup my mySQL data. If possible, on
some other site location or in Hard Copy (As in a
file) or something. I don't know how to do any of
this. I have no idea what to do about it. Can anyone
make any suggestions & help?

T. Edison jr.

Rahul S. Johari (Director)
Abraxas Technologies Inc.
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Tel : 91-4546512/4522124

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