Hello List,

I try to setup a script which automatically 
signs a file with PGP.

With the system command this looks like that:

 % /usr/local/bin/pgps -u Juergen -ato test1.sig ~/test1.txt
 A private key is required to make a signature.
 Need a pass phrase to decrypt private key:
 1024 bits, Key ID F593ED45, Created 2001-12-14
 "Juergen Mueller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>"
 Enter pass phrase: 
 Pass phrase is good.
 Creating output file test1.sig

Now the thing is how can I implement the pass phrase into
PHP so that the command is being done?

When I use something like

$command="/usr/local/bin/pgps -u Juergen -ato test1.sig ~/test1.txt";

obviously nothing is happening cause the pass phrase was
not given.


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