If you're using PHP as an Apache module, you can use virtual() -


- to include the dynamic parts; vcstatic includes could be handled by 
virtual() or just a normal PHP include()/require().

        - steve

At 11:09 PM -0800 12/19/01, Thomas Edison Jr. wrote:
>I have a serious problem and i don't know what to do.
>We have a fixed  template  for  each intranet page.
>Now the template consists of a header, a left
>navigation and a footer. The body would contain
>my pages content.
>What we are doing at present is that the header, the
>left navigation and the footer is included in the page
>using SSI.  The header is a static include file.
>However the footer and the left navigation are
>customizable, and hence are dynamic pages (cgi
>scripts) which generate the appropriate code depending
>on the command line parameters.
>Now the problem is that php3 pages are not being
>parsed for SSI. I looked up on the web , and
>found that only one of two can be used at the same
>Can anyone suggest a Possible Solution? We are running
>a Solaris machine!
>T. Edison Jr.
>Rahul S. Johari (Director)
>Abraxas Technologies Inc.
>Homepage : http://www.abraxastech.com
>Tel : 91-4546512/4522124

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