I sumbitted a similar patch to the Quanta team about a week ago. It may 
appear in an upcoming release, possibly Quanta 3, which will come with KDE 

A few other additions I made:

- highlighting is now case-insensitive for everything. I believe older 
versions were case-sensitive for keywords, like function, class, etc.

- support for ASP-style opening and closing tags (<% and %> instead of 
<?php, <?, etc.)

I'm also working on porting a newer editor from Kate/ktexteditor into 
Quanta. It's been slow going, but things have picked up (it compiles and 
runs now, albeit with a bunch of segfaults). This will make adding syntax 
highlighting instructions much easier, as the latest versions of Kate allow 
you to define highlighting rules in XML files, and the highlighting 
instructions are set up at run-time rather than compile time. 

Maybe over the XMas break I'll be able to finish it up.


Mike Eheler wrote:

> Download the attached file, and run
> patch -p1 -i quanta-2.0.1-php-4.1.0.diff
> That will patch your source tree.. then just configure, make, install.
> I've actually tested this one, so go nuts people. :) Please let me know
> if you find any functions that should be keywords or keywords that
> shouldn't be keywords, or functions/keywords that just plain aren't in
> the list.
> Mike

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