I'm trying to open a file using php 4.1.0 under windows 2k server.  
The script uses fopen and the filename is long (approx 40 characters +
I'm getting the error:

Warning: fopen("c:\_file_345176fo90301b70374d2f30e5a11d5b.ext ", "r") -
Invalid argument in file.php on line 127

can fopen not handle long file names, or am I doing something wrong?  The
script uses \\ not \, so that's not the problem (even though only one \) is
displayed above.

if fopen can't display long file names, is there a function that will return
the short (i.e. _file_~1.ext) format?

any help is appreciated.

Javier Muniz
Granicus, LTD. (www.granicus.com)
Tel: (415) 522-5216
Fax: (415) 522-5215

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